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[B.G.I.] Does it look like this?

Let me ask you. 

Does your business look a bit like this:

Inconsistent focus.

Inconsistent offers.

Inconsistent marketing.

Inconsistent sales.

Inconsistent revenue.

Inconsistent ... well ... everything.

First of all, there's no shame in this, having crystal clear clarity and creating consistency in all those things up there isn't always easy.

I spent years fighting against consistency. Always looking for the next 'big' thing.

But as time went on, I knew i needed a repeatable system in my business and consistent action to create the predictable results, revenue and lifestyle I wanted.

So in this months newsletter I'm going to share:

  • The three symptoms of a struggling business and how to fix them. 
  • A personal story about how learning to drive taught me a lot.
  • How you can get the clarity, confidence and direction you crave in your business, in the next four weeks.

It's a jam packed month so let's dive in ...


When you feel like you are spinning your wheels in...

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[B.G.I. JANUARY 2021] Happy New Year from Shakespeare's Stratford!

Happy New Year From Stafford-Upon-Avon, England!

2020 has been a heck of a year.  Some of you will be glad to see the back of it while others are taking momentous strides into a prosperous 2021.

It’s been a mixed year for me with some great wins, some challenges and course corrections.  But through it all I’ve learnt to accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

Wherever you’re starting off the year, personally and professionally, know that you are amazing to have gotten this far and that 2021 will and can be what you choose to make it.

So celebrate, make those big brave bold goals, ask the universe for what you want and commit to moving forward no matter how small the step or what happens in the outside world, because today is the first day of a brand new year and YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you’re going to show up for it.

I’m really looking forward to connecting more with you throughout 2021 and helping you to build the...

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December Newsletter: Priorities, Planning, Play and More...

Welcome to the December edition of B.G.I. (Business Growth Insights)

Today is officially the start of winter here in the UK and the countdown to the holidays begins!!

I absolutely love Christmas and I already have my festive cheer on – yes the Michael Bublé Christmas album plays loud and proud on Alexa, the decorations are ready to be hung and I’ve managed to add more lights to my ever growing collection

Let’s face it after the year we have just experienced, it’s the perfect time to wind down.

Even though entrepreneurship is important, inspiring and exciting, we need to step away from it sometimes to relax, reflect and refocus. And what better time to do that than the over the Christmas break.

So if you haven’t already, block some time out in your diary to make the most of the holidays…

  • Spend time with family
  • Relax with a good book
  • Visit family and friends
  • Cook, garden or go for a walk
  • Start a regular gratitude ritual
  • Start a manifesting...
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November Newsletter 2020: How to get motivated, get productive & get things done

Welcome to the November 2020 B.G.I. newsletter.  I must admit, I do love these Autumn months!

It feels like something magical happens.  The air is crisper and clearer, the trees turn from pine green to an array of gold, copper, and bronze and the sense of something new and exciting happening lingers around every corner.

There is no feeling more satisfying than dusting off my boots, wrapping up in a cosy coat, hat and gloves and going on a riverbank walk into town. I love the smell of wood burner fires, the crisp air and vibrant autumnal landscape colours.  Having lived in Queensland, Australia for the past 16 years this is a novelty I have not yet tired of.

Autumn feels like a fresh start, a new beginning making way for new ideas and fresh perspectives, bolstering the drive to get motivated, get productive and get things done.

This is especially true for businesses.  Even during these uncertain times, according to, productivity is at its peak during...

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