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“Will You Like My Page?"

The major mistake people are making when it comes to growing their ‘likes’ on social media + how to avoid it!

I have just started to be more active on social media to expand my following and reach and one thing I find I’m invited to do by those I’m connected to is like their page. Yes, I receive that “like my page” request frequently…I’m sure you do too right? Now, for me, if I have no connection to the person behind this general request, I pretty much ignore the request and don’t like the page. I have a feeling that others, especially in the business world operate the same way.

Now, I know increasing your following and getting more likes is the name of the game. Well respected Facebook marketers tell you the key to social media success is building your page likes, your following and that it’s all about the numbers. While this is true, there is a right way and wrong way to do it that could be costing you thousands of...

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