[B.G.I.] Does it look like this?

Let me ask you. 

Does your business look a bit like this:

Inconsistent focus.

Inconsistent offers.

Inconsistent marketing.

Inconsistent sales.

Inconsistent revenue.

Inconsistent ... well ... everything.

First of all, there's no shame in this, having crystal clear clarity and creating consistency in all those things up there isn't always easy.

I spent years fighting against consistency. Always looking for the next 'big' thing.

But as time went on, I knew i needed a repeatable system in my business and consistent action to create the predictable results, revenue and lifestyle I wanted.

So in this months newsletter I'm going to share:

  • The three symptoms of a struggling business and how to fix them. 
  • A personal story about how learning to drive taught me a lot.
  • How you can get the clarity, confidence and direction you crave in your business, in the next four weeks.

It's a jam packed month so let's dive in ...


When you feel like you are spinning your wheels in business, you can fix it — here's how...

Many times throughout our business journey, we lose clarity in the direction of our businesses.  In this weeks post, I'm going to break down the symptoms of a struggling business - highlighting what the real problems are, and how to fix them!




"Where there's a will, there's a way."

I've realised I have a pattern when it comes to getting what i want...

When I look at the goals I’ve set in my life...the things I've set out to achieve, I’ve always approached them that little bit differently

Like when I set the goal to learn how to drive - my instructor never predicted this...




Save the date...

Monday, 10th January, the next round of my new online course ROCA Kickstart commences.

Inside ROCA Kickstart I walk you through how to create a client-getting offer system to attract a surge of excited, engaged customers ready to work with you, step by step, all in just 4 weeks.

You will move from a ‘stuck business’ to an ‘unstoppable business’ with a repeatable system in place to bring you predictable leads, predictable sales and predictable revenue growth.

If that sounds good then click there


A final note...

It's amazing what you can achieve in 4 weeks with the right mentorship and guidance.

If you are a coach, consultant or service expert and you're ready to do things differently in your business let this email be your catalyst for change. 

Say "YES" to success and join me inside ROCA Kickstart.  You've nothing to lose, yet everything to gain.

Here's to your success.


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Subscribe for exclusive business growth insights and tips to propel your success.


Want more?

Subscribe for exclusive business growth insights and tips to propel your success.