[B.G.I. JANUARY 2021] Happy New Year from Shakespeare's Stratford!

Happy New Year From Stafford-Upon-Avon, England!

2020 has been a heck of a year.  Some of you will be glad to see the back of it while others are taking momentous strides into a prosperous 2021.

It’s been a mixed year for me with some great wins, some challenges and course corrections.  But through it all I’ve learnt to accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.

Wherever you’re starting off the year, personally and professionally, know that you are amazing to have gotten this far and that 2021 will and can be what you choose to make it.

So celebrate, make those big brave bold goals, ask the universe for what you want and commit to moving forward no matter how small the step or what happens in the outside world, because today is the first day of a brand new year and YOU GET TO CHOOSE how you’re going to show up for it.

I’m really looking forward to connecting more with you throughout 2021 and helping you to build the business of your dreams.

Let’s do this shall we!

Keep reading for tips on how…


My suggestion... start this year very different to every other year; especially if you feel busy or overwhelmed already.

It can be easy just to pick up where you left off in 2020 and get buried in daily tasks, overthinking or worse overwhelm stagnation.  So this post is a gentle reminder to take the time you need to arm yourself for the year ahead.

This means stepping away from working ‘in’ your business and devoting even a small amount of time to working ‘on’ it.

You probably heard many times in 2020 that “we’re all in the same boat” well I’m here to say we’re not all in the same boat.  We’re all in the same body of water but some of us are in ships, some are in yachts, some are in canoes, some are holding onto other people’s boats (the employees) and some are treading water and just staying afloat.  [Thanks goes out to mindset mentor Susanne Evans for this analogy].

We are all in the same body of water, but we are not all in the same boat.

Now is the perfect time to build YOUR boat – one that works for you and gets you to the destination, results, profits, lifestyle etc. you’re looking for.  Here’s 10 ways to get started…

Are you ready to move your business forward? Here are the steps...

#1 - If you would you’d like to discover where your focus should be to achieve your next level of growth, then take my free online business quiz HERE

#2 – If you want clarity and confidence to achieve your goals in 2021 and beyond, my ‘On Your Terms’ Book and Strategic Planning Journal can assist.  GO HERE to learn more and purchase your copies.

#3 - Finally, if you are ready to grow, and you're serious about getting my help to transform your business, schedule a Kickstart Strategy call. To find a time to speak with me – CLICK HERE

A final note...

It's a brand new year but is it the old you? Remember things will NOT change for you in 2021 if you don't change alongside the calendar. If you were :

  • Unfocused
  • Lazy
  • waiting for things to get better
  • unconnected
  • unwilling to change your habits

your 2021 is going to be the same old circumstances all over again. So choose one of the steps above - take the quiz, buy the On Your Terms book and strategic planning journal, book a session, connect with me on social media because when you take action the confusion disappears.

So, cheers to the new year - we're going to move forward together to make 2021 your best year yet!

You got this!

-Rachael xo

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Want more?

Subscribe for exclusive business growth insights and tips to propel your success.