Business Boost: Three Symptoms of a Struggling Business & How to Fix Them

When you feel like you are spinning your wheels in business, you can fix it — here's how...

Many times throughout our business journey, we lose clarity in the direction of our businesses.  In this weeks post, I'm going to break down the symptoms of a struggling business - highlighting what the real problems are, and how to fix them!

Symptom #1 – Not Making Any/Enough Money

This is the most common, most frustrating symptom of them all, and one that can be crippling emotionally and mentally, so let's nip it in the bud first!

Calling money into your business comes down to three things –

  1. Resolve your ability to receive money.  (Ask, Believe, Receive)
  2. Clarify the offers that call in your dream clients and/or create irresistible products that attract returning customers.
  3. Create consistency in your business strategy.

Re-write your money story. Any negativity around receiving money does not serve you anymore, so it's time to flip it.  I've just learnt about the power of "Tapping" to release all your money worries and more.  If you haven't heard of it Google "Tapping" and give it a go.

Clarify who you want to serve, how you want to serve them and what you can offer to serve them. Is it a program? Product? 1:1 mentorship? Membership website? Let your intuition guide you and do not launch something only because you think it will be profitable — what do you want to offer and what are your dream clients looking for? Then give yourself permission to create and launch it.

Choose a solid business strategy and stick with it. Are you focused on audience growth, customer retention, or drawing in new customers or clients? Will you attract clients to you through, email marketing, networking or as a guest expert? Choose one, and give it your all. Consistency is key when it comes to business strategy.

Symptom #2 – No engagement or interest in your offers

You may be suffering from this symptom if you –

  • Post on social media and have no comments, likes, DMs or engagement at all.
  • Poll your audience and no one casts a vote.
  • Receive no feedback or response when you put an offer out there.

To remedy this symptom, you need to focus on clarifying your brand message. Figure out three things that your brand message stands for, and speak about these three things all the time.

Show up consistently and show up with the right energy. Make sure that your posts are clear, speak to your client or customer's pain points and have a clear call to action at the end of your content. Hint: There are people reading your posts — but without a clear call to action, sometimes they do not know what to do after they read your post. The result? They just keep on scrolling.

Symptom #3 – Lack of passion

This is the most important question to ask yourself at any given time within your business. Is the spark still there? Do you see yourself thriving in this industry? Are you passionate about your work?

I have a secret to share with you — you don't need permission from anyone to run a purpose-driven business, other than the permission you are willing to give yourself.

So give yourself the permission to ask yourself “What type of business would I run if I knew it would be a success?”  There is major magic in the answer to that question, if you're on the wrong path, now's the time to reassess.

I invite you to explore your business

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