WHAT NEXT: The six things you must focus on now to reset, maintain + grow your business.

With so much going on around us right now, it can be hard to focus on our businesses.  It feels overwhelming, which can create second guessing and stagnation, when what we should be doing is taking action and moving forward.

But that’s sometimes easier said than done, right?  Because when we’re stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode, it’s hard to know what to focus on or what to do next.

So, I wanted to share with you the six things you must focus on now that will create that forward momentum you need in your business.


1. Reset

You’ve likely been forging forward these last few months, surrounded by the new normal: juggling life, work, kids – everything! Now is the perfect time to reassess and reset what your business needs and your soul craves.

Ask yourself what’s your no 1 goal for next 30 days.  What’s that one thing you would love to kick off or get done?  This will give you a purpose and enable you to make a plan.  With a plan you get progress.

Then ask yourself what do I want to feel from here?  What attitude do I want to have?  Don’t say positive it’s too broad. Here are 8 potential options:

  1. Courageous – how would you act, look and feel if you were courageous?
  2. Invincible – what could you achieve if you were invincible?
  3. Tenacious – gonna hang in and work your way through (tenacity)
  4. Empowered – not waiting for permission
  5. Abundant – see opportunity
  6. Self-love – be kind to yourself
  7. Limitless – if you had limitless energy what could you conquer?
  8. Grateful – what’s the silver lining on this crisis?

Then momentum is achieved through daily rituals – what do you need to do to be [insert your feeling], what do you need to do to achieve your goal?


2. Review & Renovate

Step into the shoes of your customers and review your business with fresh eyes.  Review your premises, your brand, your website, your marketing or content – think about that rebranding project or something wanted to update and use this time to do it.

Review your product and or service offering.  Is it still viable?  Priorities change, needs change, dreams change, and we need to tweak the focus of our offers to change with them. Be agile and willing to adapt.


3. Check-In With Your Customers

Be of service.  Listen to what your people are saying. What is the biggest problem keeping them awake at night that you can solve right now? Go and ask them what they need or where they are struggling the most. Get on a few calls and understand the nuances behind what they’re saying.

In this we find the golden nuggets of insight that can help us tweak our products, services and the messaging around them to make them far more magnetic to what our customers need right now.

Remember, people need solutions to their most pressing problems. Be the solution that gets them the quickest result and they will love you for it.

If you’re not sure what to say check out the resources page on my website for three client getting scripts that you can use right now to get more customers.


4. Ramp Up Helpful Content

Leads are the lifeblood of a business – some would say clients are but without leads you have no hope of converting them into clients.  To build momentum and get the reach and revenue you’re looking for you have to be consistently getting your message out and leads in. 

The best way to do this is by offering content of value to your ideal target clients that will get them a result or teach them something they didn’t know in exchange for their email address.

So if you don’t already have a bank of value content up your sleeve, now is the perfect time to create some – use the insights from point 3 above to help.

The three types of value content or lead magnets that are working right now are:

  • Quizzes / Assessments
  • Info Guides
  • Checklists

It’s also a great idea to regularly share on social media, create a blog, record videos etc.  The options are endless so pick what will work for you and get creating.


5. Make Your Marketing Relevant

Look at how you’re attracting people to your business:

  • Is your messaging relevant to your ideal clients now (see point 3 above)?
  • Do you have products and services that your clients want and need (see point 2 above)?
  • Are you offering a free lead magnet that takes your people on a journey to buy (see point 4 above)?
  • Are you creating leads on different platforms?
  • Are you bringing people in, nurturing and making offers consistently?
  • Are you creating enough of the right leads that will create the right revenue to cover your operating expenses and make a profit?

It really is a numbers game; the more leads you have the more conversions you get. And the more conversions you get, the more revenue you make.

Get on social media, list your business on google places, collaborate with non-competing businesses, focus on providing content of value and watch your results soar.


6. Make The Right First Impression

First impressions make a lasting impression.  What first impression are you making?

What happens to your people when they join your list? Esquire about working with you? Comment on your content?


Because this is where you need to get busy with a process that turns those leads into conversions, every single day.

Making the right first impression is about how you show up for your clients and customers at every touch point.

Review your business with fresh eyes, renovate where necessary (see point 2 above).  Be ready with your best words to welcome aligned clients in and show them just how you’re the perfect solution to their big problem.

Take them on an experiential journey of you and your business, every step of the way connecting deeper with them so that when you make your offer, they’re ready to jump.

Look at your website, your sales pages and check if they’re doing a good job. Is your messaging right? Are you focusing on the right things for them? Are you making them feel safe that you’re the right person for them to invest in?

This is where most business owners and entrepreneurs fall down, so think about how you can improve the customer journey, their experience with your business and your sales conversion process as this will directly affect your revenue and results.

I hope this has given you some food for thought and steps to get started with. If you took at least one idea to improve things in your business I’ll be happy.

If you’d like to understand more about what you can be doing to improve your results, based on your current stage of business then take my FREE QUIZ here.

Here’s to your success!

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Want more?

Subscribe for exclusive business growth insights and tips to propel your success.