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Filling your calendar with clients has never been this easy


Create a client-getting offer system that you can activate on repeat to attract a surge of excited, engaged, dreamboat clients ready to work with you, step by step, all in just 6 weeks. 


Do any of these ring a bell?

  • You dream of having a consistent, reliable stream of income that puts money in your bank account month after month without you losing sleep, hair or your sanity
  • You love what you do and serving your clients… but hate the sales part.
  • Your palms start sweating at the thought of talking about your business to new clients
  • You sabotage yourself by working on the tools and tech rather than actually making an offer.
  • You get sleepless nights when you think about how to grow your business
  • You avoid sales calls because you’re terrified of getting a sales objection
  • You are over trying to figure everything out on your own.


Now, I need to tell you the truth…

These things up there are just… fears

Your "lizard brain" trying to keep you safe.

They’re not the true story.

The truth is, you are here because you have a soul-aligned mission that’s greater than all of that. You are here because you are ready to share your gifts with those who need it most…and you’re ready to stop playing small and say YES to your own success!!


So now, close your eyes, and imagine…

how giddy you’ll feel when you open your calendar on a Monday and find new connection calls booked in for the week

showing up on calls with total openness, clarity and confidence – and hearing YES! when you make the invitation to work together

the wave of relief when you look at your bank balance and see more money than ever before. No more wondering “how the heck am I going to pay the bills?”


These are the results you can expect when you join and implement what you learn inside ROCA Kickstart.

Each week for 6 weeks, you receive a new set of curriculum to guide you step-by-step through how to Clarify, Package, Promote and Sell an irresistible client-getting offer that converts – even if you’re just starting out.

I'm Ready To Join ROCA Kickstart

I know that feeling of constantly spinning your wheels but getting nowhere in your business,

wishing you could spend more time doing the things you’re *actually* an expert on instead of getting lost in time-consuming processes that don’t yield results.

You’re probably asking yourself questions like:

“What am I doing wrong?”

“How do I reach the right people?”

That’s why I created a new 6-week course that cuts to the chase and gives you ONLY the strategies you need to be seen and grow your business fast.

This 6-week intensive is going to deliver exactly what you need

  • Get crystal clear on the value you have to offer and how to articulate it with ease
  • Create packages and offers that are priced according to the value you provide
  • Show up with confidence on connection calls as you invite ideal clients to work with you
  • Ditch the fear (and sweaty palms) and master the art of authentic sales.

You’ll go from overwhelm and overthinking to having structure and sustainability in your business, without ever feeling:

  • Aggressive
  • Pushy
  • Sleazy
  • Salezy

And the best part?  It’s a repeatable system you can activate over and over again to attract and enrol clients with ease.

So, let’s work together over the next 6-weeks to kickstart your coaching business success one step at a time.

Ani K, Finland

“The course was way more than I expected. This was my best business course ever; I feel more confident to offer my services - I don't actually need to sell - I know now that selling itself is not the most important thing to make clients buy.  Rachael's way to present is clear and her appearance very likable. The course content was incredible, I learned much more than I expected.”



Isabella D, Australia

“I absolutely love this course; I recommend anyone that is setting up their coaching business or are looking for new clients jump on and do this. It’s a step-by-step process on how to attract your client and sign the client up without pressure, fuss, and hype. Rachael goes into so much depth with her process but also keeps it simple to follow.  I'm so grateful for what I have learnt through this course - words can’t explain the amount of clarity I have now."


Zandria B, UK

“Roca Kickstart provides you with straightforward guidance and a clear process to follow to help you attract clients without having to be pushy or salesy. The content is easy to understand, and you are supported to challenge yourself to get really clear on what you offer so you can attract the clients you want to you.  For me, my mindset around how I can get clients has changed. I feel so much clearer about how I can find and get them to work with me. The course has been so helpful and just what I needed.”


Kickstart is an intensive online program that teaches you about sales psychology, how to articulate your value, how to attract (more) dreamboat clients, and how to handle sales calls like a pro – without ever feeling salesly, sleazy or like a used car salesman.


Inside ROCA Kickstart you will...


Discover the marketing secrets to get clients faster and easier than ever before – no more guessing!

Learn how to communicate your value with ease so your ideal clients say “yes” to what you have to offer.

Create an irresistible free session offer that your ideal clients want to sign up for.

Focus on 5 simple strategies that you can use any time to grow your coaching or expert business.

 Turning a “curious prospect” into an "excited buyer” with my “Curious to Committed” client sign-up system.

Leave salesy tactics behind and generate multiple 4-5 figure months with low tech/high touch strategies that are easy to implement and actually work during these uncertain times.

Get the guidance and support you need to take fast efficient action.


This programme will change the way you feel not just about marketing and sales, but about your business – forever.

It’s about creating a message, products and services that you feel pride about when you share what you do and how much the investment is.

It’s about falling in love with your business again, because you know how to take people to the next level in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you.


ROCA Kickstart will help you release self-judgement and step more fully into your true purpose.

So you can expand what you’re capable of giving and receiving more than ever before.

I'm Ready To Join ROCA Kickstart

Module 1

Create A Crystal-Clear Message

  • Understand who your ideal client is, their desired end state and what you make possible
  • Claim your expertise in a simple concise statement so there is no confusion about what you do
  • Articulate your value into a crystal-clear message that naturally draws people in without the sweaty palms or stuttering over your words.

Module 2

Nail your irresistible free session offer

  • Create a juicy free offer using my three-step framework that gets your ideal clients on your calendar
  • Get an in-depth understanding of what makes people buy and how you can apply it to your business
  • Rewire how you feel about sales to be able to sell with alignment.


Module 3

Create a core offer that sells

  • Create a signature offer that you can sell on repeat
  • Package and price your offer according to the value you provide
  • Learn how to position your offer so it practically sells itself and is a no-brainer for your prospects.



Module 4

Discover 5 core ways to attract clients on repeat

  • Set up the three tech tools you need in your business to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Discover 5 core ways to create a client surge on demand – no more throwing spaghetti on the wall hoping for the phone to ring
  • Learn to attract your ideal clients with ease.




Module 5

Learn how to sell with my "curious to committed" client sign up system

  • Discover how you can authentically and compassionately close the sale and overcome client objections with my 6-step client conversion system
  • Show up with confidence on connection calls as you invite ideal clients to work with you
  • Lead up to asking for the sale without the sweaty palms or stuttering over your words.



Module 6

Commit to the process and launch your offer

  • This week is implementation week
  • Commit to the process, promote your juicy free offer, and have your calendar booked with ideal clients!

Plus these juicy bonuses...

You get access to a bonus Fast Start Module which shows you how to make your email professional, update your social accounts, get in the mind of your ideal client and introduces you to the systems you need.


When I started my business back in 2010,

I thought I had to be everywhere, doing everything.  I thought I had to have lots of offers, fancy copy, a big list and lots of partners to get ahead in business.  I wasted a lot of time (and money) on creating a fancy logo, website, business card, getting professional photos done and I stressed over every headline!

Then, after the biggest lesson in my entrepreneurial career, which led me to reassess everything, it hit me that none of that stuff really matters at the beginning, that all I really needed to focus on was getting my message in front of my ideal clients and inviting them to learn more about what I had to offer and could make possible for them.

After this ‘epiphany’ I simplified everything and realized that I could let go of the frustration, the feast and famine cycle and stress of wondering where my next client and round of income was coming from if I simply prioritized sales and focused only on what was important for me at my stage of business.

This led me to 10k+ revenue months, a whole lotta freedom and a leveraged, scalable business model I could activate on repeat.

What's Included With Kickstart:


  • Weekly training module
  • Weekly live coaching call
  • Private Facebook group with 24/7 access
  • Daily Facebook mastermind support
  • Access to support worksheets, scripts and content
  • Access to all Q&A call recordings
  • 1 year access to the weekly training modules


YES! I'm Ready To Join Kickstart

How does it work?

ROCA Kickstart is a 6-week group coaching intensive.  It consists of two core elements:


Weekly Modules

Every Monday a new lesson is released into the Facebook group under ‘GUIDES’.  You will be sent an email notifying you that the content is ready to view.

The lessons are pre-recorded videos with detailed instructions on what you should do that week.

You can watch the module and work on the assignments any time you want, however I highly recommend that you watch it right away on the Monday so you know what you need to do for that week.


Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls

Every Thursday there is a live coaching call with myself so I can answer any questions you may have and give you support and feedback so you nail that week’s task.

The coaching calls are on a fortnightly time rotation.  One week the calls take place at 10am UK time.  And the next week 5pm UK time to ensure all participants, no matter their location have the opportunity to join a live call.  Call's run for 1-hour and in that time I will answer as many questions as I can.

All coaching calls are recorded so if you cannot attend live, you will find all the recordings in our Facebook Group.


In addition,

You have 12 months access to the modules and coaching call recordings so you can go through them (and the process) again and again.

What Does ROCA Kickstart Cost?


First, I want you to think of all the time and money you’ve already invested in your biz:

  • Business mentors
  • Digital courses and trainings
  • Certification or masterminds
  • All the books and challenges about mindset, marketing, money and sales

My point is, you’ve probably already spent thousands of dollars and countless hours listening to podcasts, reading books and watching videos that never seem to solve your problems.

If you’re here it might be because you have thoughts like:

  • I don’t have enough money right now.
  • I don’t know how I’m going to pay the bills. Or:
  • I just can’t afford to go on like this. This cash-flow just isn’t sustainable.

Here's the thing lovely, you don’t have a cash-flow problem - you have a marketing and sales problem.  You’re not telling enough people what you do or selling enough of your product.

This 6-week intensive is going to deliver exactly what you need...

  • Craft a crystal clear message that naturally draws your ideal client in
  • Create packages and offers that are priced according to the value you provide
  • Show up with confidence on connection calls as you invite dreamboat clients to work with you
  • Ditch the fear (and sweaty palms) and master the art of authentic sales

And I'm right there with you the whole time

So that 6 weeks from now, you’ll be clear, confident and making sales in your service-based coaching business, without ever feeling:

  • aggressive
  • pushy
  • sleazy
  • salezy

The total value of the modules, calls and bonuses is $3750.

But, because I know how much you’ve already invested in yourself and your business, I keep this offer priced affordably so you’ll see a huge ROI.

Pay In Full


Pay In Full

Payment Plan

3 x $600

Payment Plan

Kuve JB, Australia

“No matter where in your journey you are, this course will help you to move forward with confidence and clarity. I found the course very informative as it gave me an overview about how to promote what I do in a much better manner. The course information was very detailed, and I found it easy to follow and implement.”



Alison S, UK

“I have been on many courses free and paid (over the past year) to look at ways of getting clients and setting up my business. Many of these didn't align with me and my way of working and the kind of business and life I want to create. With Rachael's course there is a unique balance of strategy, know-how, process, system and tools to help anyone who wants to just get started or keep their business simple."


Soledad C, Spain

“In this course I learned a step-by-step way to build my offer and put it out there for my clients. It gives you all the steps from the beginning to the end which make it so easy to follow, it is great, it gives me so much confidence in myself!”





Meet Your Instructor...


Hi, I'm Rachael, a multi award winning marketer, mentor & business growth strategist; focused on helping service-based coaches, consultants and experts to succeed and grow with the right plan, tools and strategy, on their terms.

I've been growing businesses since 2002.  In 2011 I founded my first company and grew it to six figures in under 12 months. Now I run a multiple 6 figure coaching business and help hundreds of other coaches to do the same, all while living a life they love.

If you're serious about building a successful service-based business and want to grow your revenue to multiple 5 and 6 figures with clarity and confidence, then join me inside this LIVE training program.

Together we'll kickstart your coaching business success one step at a time!

And, if you’re still reading to the bottom of this page


It’s because you know you’re ready to do things differently.


You’re ready to get clear, attract clients and practice sales that feel authentic and aligned to you. You’re ready to say yes to your success and learn the nuances of marketing and sales that will make your ideal clients excited to work with you.

I also know that if you’re still here it’s because you know you’re here for a greater purpose. To provide value and create an impact in the world.

And, I’m here for you. To teach and guide you to kickstart your coaching business success with a repeatable client getting offer system that converts.

So if you want to attract and convert clients on repeat…

  • by being purposeful… and not pushy
  • by being assertive… and not aggressive
  • by being the leader of your business… and not a used car salesman
Then, you are in the right place.


Join ROCA Kickstart

Charlotte J, Switzerland

“Hi Rachael, I'd like to thank you personally for the last four weeks.  I don't exaggerate when I say they have been absolutely phenomenal, and for me, an absolute gamechanger. I've paid a LOT to be part of a Business Mentorship Program for 2 years which contains plenty of great information BUT what it doesn't do is drill down into the level of detail that someone like me just starting out needs to GET STARTED! That's a gap that you've closed in these last 4 weeks because you broke things down in such a great way. The ROCA Kickstart course has done exactly what it says on the tin and has jolted me to TAKE ACTION! By explaining and showing so well HOW to do it step by step, you've taken away the uncertainty and any lack of knowledge. It really has been fab. thank you LOADS 🙂

Daniela P, Germany

“If you are starting out with your online business and you really want to set up your first client-getting system, then book this course. You will be guided step by step through the entire process. After the course you will know how to find your first or next clients online.”

Nela K, Croatia

“The course helps you transform an idea for online business into an action plan with a lot of great supportive elements. I became more confident about the steps and process. I found great value in this program.”


Alisha, United States

“I loved getting the personal help with my "I help" statement because by being so close to it I wasn't able to detach and get really clear on what I was trying to convey.”