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Answer five questions to discover your current stage of business and the essential steps you need to take to create a profitable, sustainable business. 


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Many businesses struggle getting to their next level of reach and revenue; because they don’t have a clear plan – a plan that’s right for them and their current stage of business.

I get it…growing a profitable, sustainable business can be overwhelming.  You know you need a clear message, clients and a lead generation system to attract them; you know you need sales and recurring revenue, you know you need clarity and focus, but you are not quite sure how to create it or where to start for YOUR stage of business!

Well, I’ve got your plan!

I’m Rachael Watt, and I have lived, slept and breathed all things marketing and business for more than 20 years.  I’ve worked with corporates, as a consultant and as a mentor for independent business owners and entrepreneurs. I’ve learnt all the lessons, made all the mistakes and now I’m using this experience to share what works with you; starting with my Business Essentials Quiz.

The Quiz measures 5 core business performance factors, which are evaluated to determine your current stage of business.  You’ll then be emailed a document detailing an outline of what YOU need to focus on and the essential steps you need to take to create a profitable, sustainable business, on your terms.

PLUS, you’ll receive a copy of my full “Business Essentials Roadmap”

detailing each of the five growth stages of business so you can plan, develop and execute your next level of growth with ease.

When answering the questions, select the closest answer to you, even if it’s not an exact match – the results will still give you food for thought.

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