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On Your Terms 

is the must have business resource for coaches, experts and online entrepreneurs.


ON YOUR TERMS | on (one's) (own) terms

To do something in a way that you choose, in the manner or timeframe that you prefer because you are in a position of power.

Business success and life on your terms is not about the amount of money you make, the assets you have or what people think about you.  It’s about your willingness to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. It’s about building a purpose-filled business that provides you with financial freedom and time flexibility to pursue the things that matter, not someday but now. It’s time to realise you have the power!


About the book

On Your terms is organised into five core sections packed with real, actionable solutions and practical advice for achieving business success and the freedom you desire – not someday but now!

In each section, Rachael brings together the learning and experience of over 20 years to show you that building a successful business that brings you total financial independence doesn’t have to mean pain and compromise or a huge financial investment. She will guide you, step-by-step, to more clients, more authority and a financially free lifestyle YOU LOVE – without confusion, compromise or regret.

Why On Your Terms

Why should you grab a copy this book?
 Because it’s exactly what I would have wanted to read – what I would have found so incredibly valuable – back when I was having the wind knocked out of me and was having to dig deep and get real to get back up and get back in the game.

This book gives you a proven roadmap. It draws on my 20+ years in industry and 10 years as an entrepreneur, business strategist and mentor of mentors to lay out all the principles, options and steps you need for growing a successful business and living a life you LOVE.



Wow, wow, wow! Bloody Marvelous!  Genuinely refreshing…relatable strategies to benefit your business and lifestyle. ‘On Your Terms’ has given me hope and confidence in my own abilities.”

Shelley Wilson

There’s a lot of no-nonsense information in this book. It also contains pain, laughter and heaps of dedication. As a Personal Trainer I found the business strategies and coaching elements of this book invaluable. If you want a business strategy book that’s informative and gets to the point quickly, this is a “go to publication for your shelf.

Peter Derrick

In this book, Rachael doesn’t just talk about creating the business and life you want--she shows you how, step by step."

Nahla Summers

It is amazing going through your book … highly practical and enriching.”

Khetoli Zhimomi

This may have just turned my business into something spectacular.” 

Alisha Jay Patrick

Rachael is “No Hype, All Results”, congratulations Rachael.”

Dion Jensen

Wonderfully written book! Great advice for new entrepreneurs."


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