Mentoring with Rachael Watt


Mentoring with Rachael Watt

For independent entrepreneurs and businesspeople who want to lay a solid business foundation and build massive momentum, FAST!

If you’re an Independent Business Owner looking to create massive momentum quickly in your business, then you may want to consider having me work with you over a 90-day period to accelerate your success.

The 90-Day Business Success Accelerator process is about me getting knee-deep in your business to turn it into a sustainable, profitable company. With an intensified focus on business growth strategies coupled with implementation action, you will achieve this momentum, fast.

I know the four things you want from your business

To Make A Difference

You want to share your expertise and help as many people as you can.

To Grow Your Revenue

You want to grow your income while working with some great clients.

To Love What You Do

You want to love what you do and be happy in your business, not exasperated by it.

To Provide A Great Life

You want to provide a great lifestyle for yourself and your family.

I'm ready to help you get there with an intensive schedule of strategic planning and implementation support. 


Introducing The
90-Day Business Success Accelerator Process



Here, I will ask you to complete a brief application to better understand your current business position and see if you are a fit for this program. 

Many people want to grow and scale their business but not all are ready to take the action to make it happen.

If it looks like I can help, you will be invited to jump on a discovery call with me to discuss your specific business needs and whether we are a fit to move forward together.

Once we are in alignment to progress your 90-Day Business Success Accelerator program will kick off with a pre-planning call to define your key outcomes and the focus for your next level strategy mapping.



Over four intensive two-hour strategy sessions, we deep dive into your business to co-create a clear strategy and roadmap to get you to your desired business outcome.

With this option you get the full advisor experience.
Prior to each session I will spend several hours working on your business strategy, pulling together strategic options, copy drafts and ideas that would work for you and your next level of business growth. We then review and refine all, ensuring you’re happy before moving onto the next session.

You’ll walk away with a fully designed and documented business strategy, revenue plan, lead generation and list building system with concise messaging and copy to fast track your momentum.



With your strategy in hand I will create a bespoke 90-day implementation action plan to bring your identified strategy to life. We then review and refine all ensuring you are clear on your action steps and have all your questions answered.

From here, we kick off the implementation process together. Over four implementation support sessions we will connect via video call to collaborate on your action plan tasks, check in on progress, overcome any obstacles and set the intention for the next period.

In between sessions reasonable email support will be available for you to ask questions, review materials and utilise my expertise as you work towards your next level of growth.

This is your chance to have an experienced business mentor, marketer and consultant inside your business, working with you to bring your vision and next level of growth to life.




To work with me on this program and take advantage of my expertise gained from over 20 years in industry is:

$10,000 USD

(Approx. £7,800 GBP)

It’s a mix of strategic planning and implementation support, designed to get you to your next level of revenue and reach, with me by your side.

All sessions are held via zoom video conferencing.




❖ Taking your business to the next level; or

❖ Increasing your revenue, reach and results; or

❖ Establishing your industry authority; or

❖ Working smarter not harder so you can love what you do and live a great life

Then complete the application form and we will be in contact to determine if this is the right program for you.


  • No more second guessing. No more cookie-cutter methods.No more jumping from one shiny new tactic to another, because you will finally have a strategy and plan that’s right for you, your business stage and your next level of growth.

  • Having a profoundly powerful message and clear way to articulate what you do so you can finally attract and convert the right clients to your business with ease.

  • Knowing exactly where the money will come from in your business – what you will offer, the price you will offer it at and the journey you will walk your ideal paying customer down, so you can finally increase your reach and start getting paid what your worth!

  • Having a clear lead generation plan and the clarity, confidence and courage to implement it with me by your side.

This is what you get out of the 90-Day Business Success Accelerator program.

Hear from a few clients below

“Rachael is by far the best business mentor I’ve had.  She is lovely and has a warm, bubbly personality. She is also very business-focused and task-oriented, working to get the job done. She listens, shares ideas and helps me to make my own ideas better. This has helped me tremendously to take my business to the next level.”

Yaa Antwi-Nsiah

“I’ve worked with many consultants over the years and have never come across anyone like Rachael. She is an incredible powerhouse and in one day we achieved more than most people do in a week! I have so much clarity, my foundations are set, the team is empowered and we are ready to hit the market. Thank you so much Rach.”

Claire Verner

“Rachael is a fantastic strategist and mentor!! She is direct, personal and highly intelligent.  Her solutions are innovative and practical.  She has no tolerance for fluff and is highly driven by results and by outcomes. After one day with her I was clear, empowered and equipped to take my activity to another level.”

Cristina Sword

“A couple of strategy sessions saw my branding and business positioning do a complete 180. Regardless of what you 'think you know' - her insight and laser advice allowed us to nail my message and positioning in a heartbeat. She sees what we sometimes can’t, and this clarity and adjustment has seen my business multiply and the results speaking volumes...with me landing a $10,000 client a week later."

Leanne Cohens

“Rachael is exactly what we’ve needed for some time now. Her knowledge and insight of what we needed to do to up our business game and go to the next level was on point. She showed us the important aspects we were missing, where we were leaving untapped revenue on the table and how to fix it. Our growth strategies are now clear and our events are a big step closer to being fully self-funded via sponsorship. We even landed a deal with FOXTEL. This is amazing for us!!"

Cam O'Neill


“Rachael is a passionate business strategist who cuts through your clutter to provide a clear plan for you. She’s honest, motivated and driven to see others succeed. My viewpoint and direction in all areas has changed significantly since working with Rachael.”

Peter Derrick

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